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Why do so many flags use red, white and blue? - blog

King's Day ladies' bracelet set
King's Day ladies' bracelet set


Thursday April 27, the Dutch celebrate King’s Day. The national colors red, white and blue with orange are used abundantly throughout the day. Then it occured to me that these colors are also used by many other countries, such as the UK, the USA, France, Chile, Cuba, Australia and Croatia. Is this just a coincidence, or is there some deeper explanation?


The Dutch flag is one of the oldest and most influential flags in existence. In the sixteenth century Prince Willem I of Orange led the Dutch independence movement against the Spanish in orange, white and blue clothing. Afterwards, these colors became the flag for Dutch ships. It is said that Tsar Peter the Great chose the flag's design for Russia’s merchant ships, inspired by the Dutch design after a visit to the Netherlands. A century later, the orange in the Dutch flag had been replaced by red. Exactly why is not clear.


Other countries have their own story behind the use of red, white and blue in their national flags. The Union Jack of the UK is a combination of the flags of England, Wales and Ireland. Each of the flags at the heart of the design is comprised of two colours (blue saltire on a white background for Scotland, red saltire on a white background for Ireland, and a red cross on a white background for England). The stars and stripes of the US flag was born in 1777. The country’s great seal, also coloured red, white and blue, had been designed to reflect the beliefs of the Founding Fathers from Europe.


Either way, each flag’s design is a combination of specific histories, external influences and coincidence. Do mind that there are no international rules governing the national flags. In honor of the Dutch King’s Day, I made two bracelet sets, his and hers, in red, white and blue. 


Happy days!